Stop Prostitution

You would be hard pressed to find any one who believes we live in a perfect world. My point for making this website is not to come off as though I am better than prostitutes, as my main issues with prostitution do not center around prostitutes themselves. My main issues with prostitution is the destruction and negative impact it has on the lives of prostitutes and the communities they live in. I have been in many heated debates where people are pushing for the avocation of legalizing prostitution. I never had a vocal interest in my earlier years, however when voices start to rise around the world about legalizing prostitution – that is when I need to speak up and make sure I share some facts and my opinion on the subject. I hope that by sharing my thoughts on this subject I will reach out to some people out there on the internet and either sway them in the way of stopping prostitution or convince them that legalizing prostitution is NOT the answer. There is a laundry list of reasons for this, and for that reason I have decided to put this website together free of ads and pop ups and any thing else, rather simply to do my part in ending this atrocity against women both around the world and in our own backyards. Allow me to explain…

Prostitution Is Morally Wrong

How do we know when something, like prostitution, is wrong? People from all around the world have different cultures, perspectives and sets of values however somethings we can all perfectly agree are morally wrong. For example, you would be hard pressed to find a society that accepts and condones murder. Why is that? Because it’s against every one’s interest. The only time murder becomes acceptable (in some societies) is when it is for the benefit of society (capital punishment as a modern example, or human sacrifice as a historical example). The benefit of society generally falls upon two different aspects, to your benefit and the benefit of your children. That is who we are as human beings, we look out for ourselves and our children. With that being said, how many people do you know are okay with their children becoming a prostitute? Even the most liberal of liberals, women who have prostituted for 10+ years will say that they would not want their own children to be prostitutes. The same way we do not want to be murdered or have the lives of our children threatened by homicide, we also do not want our children to become prostitutes. That’s how we know that prostitution is morally wrong, regardless of culture, values or perspective, and therefor we need to stop prostitution.

 Prostitution Is Unhealthy

The second most important reason we need to stop prostitution is that it is unhealthy for society. Sexually transmitted diseases, violent crimes and drug use all come hand in hand with prostitution. There is no way you can separate prostitution effectively from the above. Drug use is illegal. Violent crimes are illegal and sexually transmitted diseases we do everything we can to keep them under control. However prostitution society for a large part seems to neglect it and look the other way. We need to ramp up our efforts on stopping prostitution because it is unhealthy, not only for prostitutes but society as a whole. We area effected by the negative spill over that prostitution comes with and therefor we all need to do our job in pitching in so that we can stop prostitution, it’s the only way.

Legalization Of Prostitution Does Not Work

There seems to be this creeping prevalence of “well, if we can’t stop it we might as well legalize and regulate it!” For one thing I find this utterly disgusting. Imagine if we had said we know that slavery is wrong, but hey, it’s widespread and there’s nothing we can do about it so let’s legalize it to improve the working conditions of slaves. Prostitutes are victims of pimps and predators. The women who chose to go into prostitution on their own free will are generally abused in their child hood and often drug abusers themselves. We can’t allow women to sink to the level where the only means of supporting themselves and even worse – their children – is by selling their body to perverted men. But even if you can raise above these jaw dropping issues of stopping prostitution, there’s still the bottom line that no country that has legalized prostitution has seen a decrease or have controlled their prostitution scene any better. Legalization in every single country and culture has been a complete disaster. We have seen enough examples of this in order to accurately conclude that legalization of prostitution does not work.

How To Stop Prostitution?

Often times when I am discussing the situation of prostitution in America the conversation lands on the question of “well, how do we stop prostitution then?” as though it is some sort of impossible feat that would require a miracle. Thinking like this is entirely foolish, a simple solution could be crafted within a very reasonable time frame that would both be inexpensive and effective. Stopping prostitution would begin with making it illegal to buy sex, similar to Denmark. If you make the criminal the “John” instead of the prostitute, you are taking away demand. The next thing we’d need to do is stop treating prostitutes like criminals, they are abused drug addicts that need to be helped, not thrown in an over night jail. The next thing you need to do is go after advertising sources, if the newspaper allows escorts and prostitutes to advertise in the classifieds, then the newspapers CEO goes to jail. Last but not least we need to have very strong and harsh sentences for the pimps of the world with a zero tolerance policy. If you’re caught pimping, you’re going to jail for life. If we followed these four steps we’d be eradicating the demand, supply and market for prostitution in one swift swoop.

With all of the problems in the world today, it’s hard not to get lost in them. There’s war, there’s hunger, there’s environmental issues and everything in between. However not all problems can be fixed, prostitution is one of the problems we have in our society that could easily be fixed and studies show over 80% of people agree that we should stop prostitution. I don’t expect you to hit the front lines after reading this, but I do hope that if you read this and agree with what’s being said that you will do your part in stopping prostitution if the opportunity presents itself. Thank you.